Elshan Rahimov gave a master class...

On 26th of December, Elshan Rahimov, the CEO of “Barattson School of Business & Finance&rd

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Tələbələrimiz STP-də...

11 dekabr tarixində Qafqaz Universiteti İqtisadiyyat və İdarəetmə fakültəsi Mühasib

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Vugar Mustafayev trained the students...

The next training of ACCA Student Group took place on 5th of December. This time, our guest was Vug

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Today the guest is Davud Mammadov...

On the 28thof November Davud Mammadov, a delegate of Deloitte Company, which one of the big f

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Events and Announcements


      We are living in the period which globalization, science and technology are dictate all over the world atthe present time In this context enterprises that can respond to changing market conditionsright for young, dynamic leader, and people being in need. Increased competition in the business today as we believe that the need for more professional managers. Therefore, close relations in education with business community are very important.

Educational program was prepared with the goal aimed in the direction of professional accountants and autitors which has effective communication and personal skills and public self-consciousness of responsibility for sustainable development. This educational program  reviewed and updated periodically and aim to add value for graduate candidates.

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